Welcome to The Green Energy Advice Bureau (GEAB), your partner in customised business and energy solutions.

Our team of award-winning consultants provide efficiency analysis and review business requirements against current costs and budgets before navigating the energy market to negotiate the best solutions for your business.

Energy experts work side-by-side with your organisation, offering expertise and exclusive insights to support your aims and facilitate green objectives, helping you implement energy-saving strategies through a panel of trusted suppliers.

We match your exact business requirements to the latest information and advice, ensuring you are fully aware of all applicable legislation and government incentives and benefit from energy-saving advancements. We’re proud that GEAB has contributed to a greener, more sustainable future for the UK and the ongoing success of our customers’ businesses.

  • Business Energy

    With real-time access to the world energy markets, we provide exclusive insights, enabling us to source bespoke packages tailored to support your business needs from our extensive panel of trusted suppliers.

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  • Sustainability / Net Zero

    Through our extensive range of Sustainability products and services, we help businesses achieve their Net Zero goals, resulting in both financial savings and carbon footprint reductions.

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  • Business Water

    Our water management solutions help to reduce operating costs and increase profit across your business with water-saving strategies tailored to your building type, eligibility, and region.

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What We’ll Do For You

Cost Effective

We review contracts, identify billing discrepancies and examine your usage to find the best tariff for your business needs.

Time Saving

We search the market and negotiate directly with energy suppliers, saving you time to focus on your business.

Hassle Free

Once we find the right deal for your business and you give the go-ahead, we’ll take care of every step of your switch.


We can help you make simple changes, consider green options, and reduce emissions with straightforward advice.

Customer Care

Our customer care starts with our first conversation and continues throughout your energy journey. We’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager for assistance whenever needed.



We offer personalised and tailored energy solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each business, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Our team comprises seasoned energy consultants who provide expert guidance, leveraging their knowledge to navigate the energy market complexities and secure the best deals for our customers.


We conduct thorough evaluations across all aspects of your business, identifying areas for improvement, reducing wastage, and uncovering hidden expenses to maximise savings.

Focus on

We prioritise sustainability by helping businesses reduce costs and encouraging the adoption of renewable energy sources, aligning with the UK’s Net Zero 2050 target.


We ensure a seamless transition toward environmentally responsible and cost-effective practices, from negotiating and managing supplier switches to implementing energy-saving systems.


Our customer-centric approach means prioritising our customer’s needs, ensuring that every step we take aims to enhance their bottom line and environmental responsibility.


Tailored to a business’s unique needs, considering factors like consumption, size, energy efficiency, and more. This approach aims to align pricing closely with each business’s energy profile and goals.

On Your

If you think you have been overcharged on your energy bill by your previous supplier, our team of energy experts will contact the company to consult with them to try to get your money back.

Energy Trader

In-house traders provide optimal live market insight and, depending on your product, safeguard against price fluctuations throughout your contract, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and cost efficiency.


Our relationship with you doesn’t stop just because you’ve signed a contract. We thrive on knowing how your business is going and love to hear about your successes.