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The Green Energy Advice Bureau (GEAB) have been active in the UK energy market since 2015, we have evolved from a small consultancy to become one of the UK’s leading energy companies.

GEAB’s growing team of award-winning consultants provide efficiency analysis, reviewing business requirements against current costs and annual expenditure, before navigating the energy market to negotiate the best solutions for your business.

Our energy experts work side-by-side with your organization, offering professional expertise and exclusive insights to support your aims and facilitate green objectives, assisting clients to implement energy-saving strategies through an established network of commercial suppliers.

Our Culture

The Strategic Account Managers at GEAB offer exceptional customer service, representing our business’s greatest asset.

Our team remains consistently up-to-date with the latest developments across all energy, procurement, and legislative requirements, working alongside our growing client base to gain in-depth understanding of your business, offering fast and efficient support whenever needed, and providing the practical insight and assistance required to move your business forward.

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