How to read your Business Energy Meter

Updated: January 26, 2024

Understanding how to read and submit accurate meter readings for your gas or electricity usage is crucial to ensure you receive precise billing. The process may vary based on your meter type, but we are here to help make that process as quick and as efficient as possible.  

It’s important to give us a meter reading before your contract starts so we can let your supplier know how much energy you’re using at your premises. This will help make sure that you are billed correctly. You can continue to send monthly meter readings to us at to make sure you’re paying the correct amount throughout the length of your contract. This can be done by simply sending us a photo of your meter. 

If you’re not sure what kind of meter you have, below we outline guidelines for various popular meters to help you how to give us a meter reading: 

Smart Meters: 

If you have a smart meter, it will be straightforward for you to see your reading, as it should be shown on the screen.

Electricity Meters: 

For electricity meters with a digital display: 

  • Read the display from left to right, focusing on the main numbers. 
  • Disregard numbers in red, anything after a decimal point, or any additional spaces. 
  • Submit 

Economy 7/Domestic Economy Meters: 

If you’re on these tariffs, your meter will display two sets of figures for regular and cheaper hours. For Economy 7 or Domestic Economy meters: 

  • Locate your meter display’s ‘Low’ and ‘Normal’ rows. 
  • Read both sets of numbers corresponding to energy used during regular and cheaper hours. 
  • Submit both readings for accurate billing. 

Gas Meters: 

For gas meters, readings may be imperial or metric. 

Imperial Meter: 
  • Read the first four numbers from left to right. 
  • Please Include leading zeros but ignore red numbers or anything after them. 
  • Note: If the meter reaches 9,999, it resets to zero automatically. 
  • Submit 

Metric Meters: 
  • Read all five numbers. 
  • Disregard red numbers or any subsequent figures. 
  • Submit

How to submit a meter reading to The Green Energy Advice Bureau: 

Whether you have a smart meter simplifying the process or a traditional meter with digital displays, understanding the specific steps ensures that you provide your energy supplier with precise readings. Regularly submitting accurate readings not only helps to avoid billing discrepancies but also contributes to a more sustainable and responsible use of energy. 

We’re here to make this process as simple as possible for you, don’t hesitate to contact one of our energy experts at 0191 303 7750 or They are dedicated to assisting you and providing guidance for a seamless energy meter reading experience.