Welcome to GEAB’s corporate division, where energy expertise seamlessly blends with corporate innovation.

As a distinguished energy consultancy specialising in the corporate Industrial & Commercial (I&C) market, our 20+ years of experience in wholesale and retail energy uniquely position us as leaders, especially in the dynamic UK and Irish markets.

At GEAB, we take pride in our adept navigation of the diverse landscapes within Aerospace, food manufacturing, retail, and the public sector, amongst others. Our commitment to excellence shines through in our tailored strategies, meticulously crafted to drive efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

In this ever-evolving energy landscape, we understand that selecting the correct flexible framework, coupled with a well-managed strategy, is critical to forward-proofing your business. This approach allows adaptability to new technology and energy sources, which is essential as you strive to achieve your Net Zero targets.

With a global presence that spans continents, GEAB brings a wealth of experience to every project, helping to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Whether you’re soaring to new heights in the aerospace industry, optimising production lines in food manufacturing, or elevating customer experiences in the retail sector, GEAB stands as your dedicated strategic partner for energy success.

Our approach perfectly balances professionalism and stability, combining industry insight and personal touch. Recognising that the corporate world demands precision and tangible results, we at GEAB are committed to delivering exactly that. Trust us to be your guiding compass in the ever-evolving energy landscape, ensuring your business not only survives but thrives in the global marketplace. Welcome to a realm where energy meets innovation – welcome to GEAB.

How we can benefit your business:

Cost Efficiency

Flexible electricity contracts optimise costs by adapting to market changes, ensuring businesses secure electricity at the most favourable rates, and fostering potential savings.

Risk Management

These contracts mitigate market volatility risks through hedging strategies, providing stability and predictability in electricity costs and reducing financial exposure.

Adaptability to Consumption

When considering consumption patterns, we tailor flexible contracts to allow businesses to align procurement with actual needs, preventing unnecessary costs during low-demand periods and ensuring reliable supply during peak periods.

Compliance and Reporting

Streamlined reporting and regulatory compliance are facilitated by flexible contracts, aiding businesses in meeting environmental goals and enhancing their reputation for responsible energy management.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of energy contracts are available for businesses?
  • Businesses can choose from fixed, pass-through, or flexible frameworks. Following an initial assessment of your energy profile, recommendations will be made on the most suitable contract for your business.

  • How can energy efficiency measures impact my contract terms and rates?
  • Implementing energy efficiency measures can positively influence overall spending; however, you must pay close attention to any volume tolerance levels within your supply contract.

  • How do I ensure transparency in billing and avoid unexpected charges?
  • GEAB thoroughly reviews all contracts before recommending them. All costs are visible when we present them to you, leaving no room for hidden charges.

  • How can my business work towards achieving Net Zero targets through energy contracts?
  • Consider contracts with renewable energy options, implement energy-efficient practices, and explore technologies like Energy Monitoring Systems to track and reduce consumption. Ensure the correct contract is in place to avoid penalty charges.

  • What support and services do you offer beyond the basic supply of energy?
  • In addition to energy procurement, we assist businesses with invoice validation, monitoring and reporting, and compliance with legislation. We also work with clients to visualise and implement changes on their Net Zero journey.

  • What happens if my business undergoes changes in energy consumption during the contract term?
  • Early understanding of your business plans is critical to ensure the chosen contract has the flexibility to minimise or eliminate penalties for changes in your energy consumption profile.

  • Can I sell energy I won’t/don’t use?
  • Yes, with the correct contract in place. If this is your intention, you need to be working with an experienced trader and have a clear strategy detailed from the outset.

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