How we get the best business deals for SMEs

We assist SMEs across all industry sectors, working alongside business owners to review current plans, analyse consumption against expenditure, and take away the hassle of searching to save on utility bills.

According to National Statistics from BEIS, SMEs accounted for three fifths of employment and around half the turnover of the UK private sector. So, while SME’s use less energy on an individual basis than larger organisations, they make a considerable contribution to UK consumption levels as a whole.

GEAB share practical ways SMEs can reduce energy costs while making a valuable contribution to UK environmental targets. We search the energy market on your behalf, advising on low-cost, simple to implement, green alternatives, and handle all the negotiations and admin involved in securing the best prices across your utility bills in a stress-free switching process.

GEAB offer specialist advice to clients working across all industry sectors, from business start-ups to multi-site commercial enterprises, including:

We support the future of your business

We’re here with help and advice whenever you need it, supporting your business to make cost-saving, climate conscious decisions.

  • Making You Energy Efficient

    Lower utility costs and avoid energy wastage with our straight-forward advice, from implementing simple measures such as LED lighting and encouraging greater energy-awareness among staff, to gaining control of your spend by monitoring usage with easy-to-access Smart technology.

  • Making Your Business Green

    Environmental integrity not only leads the UK towards achieving Net Zero targets but makes your business more attractive to new and potential customers. From choosing a renewable energy supplier, to opting for sustainable and recycled materials, we show you how to lower the carbon footprint of your business.

  • Making The Right Choice

    Price remains a priority, but your business should consider more than overheads when choosing an energy supplier. Longer-term contracts protect against price fluctuation, dual fuel tariffs consolidate supplier with possible discounts, and green energy suppliers contribute to environmental goals, all of which are worth your consideration.