Since launching in 2015, The Green Energy Advice Bureau (GEAB) has grown from a small consultancy to a leading UK energy company with offices in Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland and consultants across the UK.

GEAB’s success is built on trust, transparency, and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Beyond offering exclusive rates, its award-winning consultants conduct thorough efficiency analysis, tailoring energy solutions for businesses across various sectors like Charities, Education, and the Public Sector.

The company’s collaborative approach involves working closely with customers to navigate the energy market and implement eco-friendly strategies. GEAB ensures businesses stay informed about legislation, government incentives, and cutting-edge energy-saving technologies.

GEAB’s efforts have significantly contributed to a greener future for the UK while supporting the success of businesses in Newcastle, Sunderland, and nationwide, emphasising its dedication to sustainability and customer growth.

Our Values

At the Green Energy Advice Bureau, we are on a mission to power business results through sustainable energy solutions, delivering unmatched efficiency and performance.  Our values underpin this mission and everything we do.

  • Results Driven

    We embrace our customers’ goals. We want to help grow your business, your client base, and your bottom line and reach and exceed your goals and expectations. All wins, no matter the size, play a massive part in our own success, and we want to share that with you.

  • Customer Care

    Our customer care starts from the moment we first speak and continues throughout your entire energy journey. We’re not just about a sale; we truly believe aftercare is just as important and provide every customer with their own Account Manager who will be on hand when you need them. Whether that’s helping you out with bills you have overpaid or understanding and forming a strategy to help your business with Net Zero goals, we are here to advise, guide and care.

  • Transparency

    Trust is built through transparency. We will always tell you the truth. Don’t be surprised if we get straight to the point – we don’t want to beat around any bushes – we will be honest, ethical, and transparent in everything we do. There are no surprise elements in our contracts. We focus on earning our customers’ trust.

  • Innovation

    We stay abreast of new and innovative products and services that can benefit customers greatly. As industry leaders, we ensure that our team keep updated with any changes across our markets. We also make sure that our services and products are constantly improved and updated along with our own processes.

  • Sustainability

    We have an in-house team of Sustainability Experts who know all about the greatest and latest when it comes to anything sustainable and renewable technologies – which we offer! Although in the literal sense, we also think about sustainable prices for your business, whether you’re looking to cut down on your bills or not, we make sure that they reflect your business size and goals.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you based?
  • We have several offices around the UK, but our teams are mainly based in the North East – specifically Sunderland and Newcastle upon Tyne.

  • Do you have any job vacancies?
  • Maybe! You can check out all our job openings on our career page – just click here.

  • What services do you offer?
  • We offer a vast range of services and products, from Energy Procurement to Sustainability & Net Zero offerings. You can head over to Our Services page to learn more about how we can help your business.

  • How can I contact you?
  • You can contact us through a variety of different channels:

    – Submit a form by clicking here

    – Call us on 0191 303 7750

    – Email us at

  • Do I need to pay to use your services?
  • If we successfully arrange an energy or utility contract for you, we will be paid a commission by your chosen energy/utility supplier. We will disclose the amount of this commission to you before the contract signature, and the energy price quoted will include this amount.

    – Any commission will be paid by the energy supplier to us directly; you will not receive any invoices from us.

    – If our work with you does not result in an energy contract being signed, we will not charge you for our abortive work.

    – However, if we help you to agree to an energy contract with an energy supplier and the contract does not come into effect (also known as ‘go live’), we will charge a fee in accordance with clause 4.8 of our Terms and Conditions of Business. You may also be charged a fee by the energy supplier with whom you had agreed a contract.

    Alternatively, in some circumstances, we may be able to offer a ‘shared savings’ model, whereby we would be paid an agreed percentage of any savings or rebate we can arrange for you. Please contact us for more details, or we will raise this with you if appropriate.

    Finally, we can provide some of our services on a consultancy basis, under which we would be remunerated according to the time spent or based on agreed performance objectives being achieved.