Aspen Waite has partnered with the Green Energy Advice Bureau (GEAB) to offer expert advice on energy procurement and sustainability solutions for your business. 

GEAB understands the importance of managing your overhead costs and reducing energy consumption. Our experts ensure you are on the right contract for your business needs by providing a free consultation on your current contract, your energy bills, and your business requirements.

On top of procurement, we offer the installation of a market-leading Energy Monitoring System cap ex free, enabling businesses to reach their net zero goals without the barrier of substantial upfront investment. GEAB’s consultancy service gives you access to bespoke contracts and tailored solutions negotiated on your behalf. We also handle all problems and queries throughout the lifetime of your contract, so you never have to deal with suppliers.

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  • Energy Procurement

    “The right contract at the right price.” 

    Our experts negotiate bespoke contracts on your behalf, saving you time and hassle, as well as ensuring that you aren’t overpaying on your energy bills.

    We focus on earning our customers’ trust, which is why we will always tell you the truth and why there are no surprise elements in our contracts.

    Our experts are honest, ethical, and transparent in everything they do, so you can rest assured that your contract is right for your business needs.

    Furthermore, your account manager handles any problems that you face throughout the lifetime of your contract. This means you never have to speak to a supplier again!

    For your free energy consultation and bill validation, call 0191 821 0050.

  • Sustainability

    “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

    This is our message for businesses looking to reach net zero. Our market-leading Energy Monitoring System (EMS) offers unparalleled insight into energy consumption at circuit level.

    Our EMS helps you identify areas of wastage, empowering businesses to make tangible changes to cut  emissions without compromising output.

    Not only can we help reduce your carbon footprint, but we also ensure you’re cutting down on unnecessary expenditure when it comes to your energy bills.

    We know that investment in sustainability products for businesses can price people out of the market; that’s why we are offering this technology capex free.

    For an assessment of your business requirements and a free demo, call 0191 821 0050.

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